How do I cancel a reservation?

By Greg Rupert

You can cancel a reservation from your Dashboard by clicking the Edit/Cancel link listed with your reservation. You can also locate your reservation in the club schedule and then click the reservation on the schedule. Both of these will display the Update Reservation wizard. There you can click the Cancel Reservation button.

How do I connect my account to a club?

By Paolo Baldisserotto

Click My Profile in the Navigation Tree at the left of the page.  The click on My Clubs and then click on the New Club Connection button.  From the popup box that appears, select your facility from the drop down list and click Connect or Request Connection button.

How do I make a reservation?

By Paolo Baldisserotto

Before you can make a reservation you must have an account and have an approved connection to a club. After that, you can reserved from the mobile app or the website: Website Click on Create a Reservation from your Dashboard or go to Club Schedule located under your club name in the main navigation panel.…